First Love

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Jeff Sparkman

In his first solo album, worship leader Jeff Sparkman reaches beyond his usual congregational-stylized writing for a more intimate offering in First Love.  The album still maintains a very Gen-X/Hillsong UNITED feel but transitions to a country/folk-rock style quickly while diving into lyrics that are deep in emotion towards God.

Sparkman shows that worship music can be catchy and fun in songs such as “You Got Me” where he asks, “How can I repay you?  So few words to say ‘I love you’” to a God who gives us his all. Then on a more serious level, songs like “I Came Home” lends new words to the feelings David must have had when he wrote of his comfort in the shadow of God’s safety in the book of Samuel. 

More: The album is not without made-for-congregational worship pieces.  Look to songs like “Let Your Light Shine” for a great driven worship song and “With All My Heart” and “I Want To Know You” for slower focus worship pieces.

Less: Stylistically (from a musical standpoint), the album seemed to be without a clear direction.  Thankfully, the varying styles do not pose a distraction from the content. 

4 Stars
Jason Whitehorn

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