Freedom Songs

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Grace Chapel Live
Grace Chapel Worship

Freedom Songs is the third full-length album from Grace Chapel in Franklin, Tennessee.

This live worship project is very well produced and is a wonderful example of beautiful corporate worship. Worship pastor Jonathan Allen and his team lead their congregation with powerful songs such as “Hiding Place,” “I Need Thee Every Hour,” “Speak Lord,” and “Unshakeable.” All of the songs on this record can be used for congregational worship as well as for a personal or small group time of worship.

It is beautiful to hear how God is working and moving in the different worship communities and cultures around the world. Grace Chapel is no different. The expression of culture and community in the worship on this album is beautiful and powerful. Some of these songs may be new to you and others you will rest into with a warm familiarity. This is truly an enjoyable record. 

More: The diversity of new songs merged with classic hymns of the faith.

Less: It is evident that Grace Chapel is very good at merging old and new songs. I would love to see more of that on their records. 

4 Stars
Jay Akins

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