God My Rock

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Brenton Brown

True musical art in the genre of worship is found in fresh accessibility. The challenge is to be nearly universally accessible, but to do so in a unique way. And it’s no easy task. Yet it’s in this capacity that Brenton Brown soars. Known for such standards as “Everlasting God,” “Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing),” “Hosanna (Praise Is Rising),” these powerful songs are vintage Brown in their unique yet straightforward style. God My Rock keeps Brown’s singular song-crafting approach at its heart, and the result is a subtly resplendent worship release that will be remembered as one of his finest offerings.

This being a live recording, aptly, a couple of Brown’s recent co-writes that are already impacting the global Church are found on God My Rock (“Hosanna [Praise is Rising],”“Glorious,” and “Everlasting God”) but these are surrounded by 12 other rock-solid congregational tunes, old and new. The songs are presented in a classic Brown, worship-band driven tone with a bit of an alt-country twang, but the real strength are the prayers delivered. With an overall theme of God’s strength and faithfulness (a hallmark/life motif for Brenton Brown), the songs poetically weave through sacrifice (“Jesus Take All of Me”), dependence (“God My Rock”), and most importantly the world-altering magnificence of the Father (“Humble King,” “Our God Is Mercy,” “Jesus My Victory”). However, here is where Brown truly shines:

You are the God of the broken,
the friend of the weak,
and you wash the feet of the weary,
embrace the ones in need. 

Brown celebrates God for who he fully is, and God My Rock artfully presents the power of the Cross and what its victory represents and cost, also what it means to be lifted out of the miry clay, and that God’s power has been displayed in his mercy and humility. In the end this release boldly declares, “He is the one who saves … the light of life, the everlasting day, the one who takes all our sins away.”

More: Both fresh and deep, filled with revolutionary truths, captured with art and congregational skill, God My Rock is a must have for worship leaders.

Less:  With some alt-country tones and some “modern worship” stylings, there is a slight rift in the musical continuity.

4.5 stars
Jeremy Armstrong

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