Greater Joy

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1-trentsmithTrent Smith

Trent Smith piles on the musical hats in his latest album, Greater Joy: Singer, songwriter, worship leader, pianist, violinist, and guitarist are just a few. Not just another worship artist, Trent Smith is set apart by two things in particular: The pervading sense of joy and lightness heard throughout Greater Joy that brightens up the soul, and the sheer musical talent of a musician who surprisingly struggles with multiple sclerosis. Greater Joy reverberates with delightfully preppy, edgy pop music, playful piano licks, cerebral and poetic lyrics, and Smith’s passionate and poised vocals. “Greater Joy” and “Glorious” are upbeat, joyful songs of praise, while “Where You Are” is a beautiful and prayerful duet. “Still” is a dreamy ballad about God’s goodness and unfailing love and “More Like You” is a simple, unassuming song with a message of becoming more like Christ.

More: Greater Joy turns the honesty of brokenness and humanness into a joyful celebration of worshiping God. These songs are rich in praise and well suited for the local worshiping church, especially the songs “Glorious” and “Still.”

Less: Download the chord chart and lyrics for “Glorious” at Although the key of F# may seem daunting to less experienced musicians, this worship song is still an excellent addition to any worship repertoire.

Amanda Furbeck
5 stars 

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