Greater Than Life

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1-12stone12STONE WORSHIP
3.5 stars

In 1987, Pastor Kevin Myers began a church called “12Stone,” and for the past 25 years, the church has been pumping out their own creations of worship for their community and making it available to the world abroad.

While 12Stone has produced other album offerings, Greater Than Life is the church’s first full-length worship album with 13 original tracks that are, front-to back, Hillsong/Elevation-esque (however the fiery “Your Love Endures” leans close to being considered pop-punk-core). But no matter the style, the lyrics range from the celebratory in songs such as “Home” to deep callings of worship in songs like “Faithful.” The album is a constant run-sheet of instant adds to the modern church or youth worship and a definite listen to get your spiritual (and physical) blood flowing each day.

More: Great moments to breathe in this album of high energy. Don’t overlook the simplicity of songs like “Be Still” as a possibility to add them to your worship sets.

Less: A bit heavy on post-production vocal effects. Sometimes the rawness of voices crying out in worship are just what we need to feel invited in.

Jason Whitehorn



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