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the-city-harmonicThe City Harmonic
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With their Coldplay-resonant sound, The City Harmonic drops one of the most passionate and beautiful releases of the year. Elias Dummer vocalist/songwriter and pianist says this about the inspiration of Heart: “…and here we are dying everyday, a little further along than the day before…Whatever comes, we are not called to a life free from suffering, we are called to something bigger than ourselves. We are called to Christ.”

With songs filled with truth and an experienced faith in God, the City Harmonic’s sophomore release is a must have. So much surrender and joy is found even in the painful moments in songs like “Take Heart.” This record is a powerful declaration that Christ is enough in all circumstances. Written from the band’s journey of growing families, to full tour schedules and even bassist Eric Fusilier being diagnosed with cancer, these songs are deeply personal. The City Harmonic’s honesty and artistry is refreshing and is paving new roads in Christian music. “Praise the Lord” and “My Jesus, I Love Thee” will work well for congregational worship. The majority of the album is great for personal worship, or production music, videos, etc.

More: One of the best personal listening records of the year.

Less: May be difficult to translate to some congregational settings.

5 Stars
Jay Akins

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