Heaven Raining Down

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Cindy Cruse Ratcliff
Dream Records


The worship pastor of America’s largest church, Lakewood, is back with a full studio worship release that calls on pop/rock and synthy Brit pop to surround the 10 new songs with a bright and energetic feel. Songs are written by Cruse Ratcliff but also include co-writes with such modern hymnists as Ben Fielding from Hillsong, Joth Hunt from Planetshakers, David Hanley from Press Play and Jonathan Thulin. The usual positives and negatives are in play with this studio produced record: it’s gorgeous and lush with electro swaths of sound, but a live worship experience would have brought a bit more of that authenticity that today’s listeners are hoping for. That said, the standout aspect of Heaven Rain Down is the posture of Christ-celebration that nearly all the songs take, each usable in a service of worship.

Sounds Like: Euro-pop (Ellie Goulding) meets the worship genre with clear and bright vocal strength.

Most Singable: “We Sing Hallelujah”

Strongest Biblical Content: “Holy Holy” (Rev 4:8)

The Whole Package: “God Alone”


Jeremy Armstrong
3.5 Stars


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