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North Point Live
North Point

Here + Now is the third release from the North Point Ministries worship team. Recorded live at the Atlanta-area North Point Community Church, this thirteen song set features the talents of in-house artists Seth Condrey, Casey Darnell, Eddie Kirkland, and others, capturing the spirit and spontaneity of live worship in crisp detail. Nathan Nockels, well known for his work in live recordings (many of the Passion records are his), took the production reins for Here + Now, and the results are solid and Passion-esque.

With an art rock opener that rivals Muse’s recent release, the listener begins the journey of Here + Now with a bit of awe and a curiosity for where we will be taken. It points to an unfolding album marked with musical wonderment. And it’s a bit more synth-y and less guitar-y. Not to say the guitars are absent, they just share the stage with the other instruments at the front end of this offering. If you are a follower of the music of North Point, you will be familiar with the title track (possibly already using it, and using it often). But the other standouts are “Almighty God” with a celebratory vibe yet intimate and humble in the presence of such a God who is mighty yet knows my name and Our Great God and “You Alone” for the intimacy of a piano vocal and the beauty of the prayer that places trust in the only one worthy.

More: High caliber programming, straight-ahead rock anthems and singable melodies.  These are songs that could easily be stripped to fit the local context.

Less: This is an enjoyable worship experience captured live, but the whole thing is big. A bit more intimacy is what many are looking for these days.

4 stars
Mike Pueschell


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