Hillsong UNITED

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Hillsong UNITED
Live in Miami

For the first time in four years, Hillsong UNITED brings a fresh live album to end the tour that sold out venues across the United States. UNITED became the first Christian group to sell out the Staples Center. The two-disc album contains hits from their Aftermath album and fan-favorites from years past. It’s a more-than-welcome addition to both your personal collection and also provides variety and inspiration to arrangements in Hillsong songs you are likely already using in your congregation.

More: Aftermath: Live In Miami does an amazing job as a live album—not leaving the listener feeling as if it were mixed for a studio release. Instead, you feel you are actually at the live concert—without the bootleg-feel.

Less: Hillsong UNITED has always had an amazing way of being able to perform their songs acoustically. A couple of very toned-down acoustic worship songs would have been a nice touch in this monumental album. 

4.5 Stars

– Jason Whitehorn

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