2012 Holiday Gift Guide

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LifeWay Worship| Prepay and Save at LifeWayWorship.com
Want to stretch your music budget? Pay in advance and save 30-70 percent on your purchases at lifewayworship.com. The best part is that there are no credits, so your investment doesn’t expire. If you haven’t spent the entire amount of your Prepay at year-end, the balance rolls over into the next year. Select the level below that meets your worship ministry needs and take advantage of tremendous savings immediately!
• Prepay $149.95 SAVE 30%
• Prepay $249.95 SAVE 40%
• Prepay $399.95 SAVE 50%
• Prepay $699.95 SAVE 60%
• Prepay $999.95 SAVE 70%
Visit lifewayworship.com/prepay and sign up using either your credit card or LifeWay church account. Questions? Call 800.436.3869 or email worship@lifeway.com


Planning Center Online | 2 Months Free
Get two free months when you sign up for Planning Center Online before Christmas. Choose “Worship Leader Gift” in the “How did you find us?” box when signing up, and we’ll turn your 30-day trial into a 60-day trial. We know Christmas is the busiest time of year, so if you sign up now, you can use Planning Center to help you plan and schedule your Christmas services, and then still have a month to dig into everything else it can do.
Planning Center can show you what songs other churches are doing, transpose chord charts and MP3s, schedule your teams through email, texts, or Facebook, and let them download their music and rehearse anywhere. Use our MusicStand 2.0 iPad app to turn pages with a foot pedal, or even link multiple iPads for synced page turns. Sign up today at planningcenteronline.com/gift.


Sharefaith | Sidekick
The Fastest Way to Edit Your Church Website

This month, Sharefaith.com, the largest church website, worship media, and print provider, released a groundbreaking new website editor called Sidekick. This revolutionizes the way churches update their church website. Sidekick, which comes integrated in all Sharefaith church websites, brings blazing fast real-time content and graphics editing with absolutely no skill or training required.
Over the last year, more than 3,000 churches have switched to a Sharefaith church website due to its unparalleled functionality, value, and price. A Sharefaith church website comes free with a $126.65 Sharefaith membership (hosting only $179.88/y). Sharefaith provides the largest website template library free of charge. In addition, users receive thousands of website graphics including one year of unlimited access to 50,000 worship videos, sermon PowerPoints, bulletins, flyers, newsletters, and clip-art. Sidekick is so easy that anyone—your worship leader, youth leader, or church administer—can create a breathtaking website.


Sharefaith | Church Media Resource
What if you had unlimited access to the world’s largest church media depository with over 50,000 award winning, professional quality worship media designs, church websites, and print media designs that will enable you to create breathtaking, worshipful, and engaging church services? For all of this, you may think you would need to spend around $3,000 per year. The good news, however, is that Sharefaith.com, for the last eight years, has been the leader in worship media, print solutions, and now also website solutions for churches. You can get it all for only $126.65/y. Unmatched in price, value and content. Guaranteed.
Start 2013 right, by signing up for the best church media resource membership on the planet. You’ll enjoy every second and your congregation will be amazed. No wonder over 20,000 churches already use Sharefaith. Learn more at:

worshipplanning.com | Free trial offer
Organization is key to leading your ministry effectively. Chosen by Worship Leader magazine as “Best of the Best” five years running, worshipplanning.com is a proven tool that facilitates communication and organization to plan your service. Let worshipplanning.com shoulder the administrative stress of planning, communicating, and coordinating with your ministry teams and volunteers to facilitate an easy, smooth worship flow. And, our recently updated site design makes using worshipplanning.com even easier. Thirty-day free trial offers include: unlimited file attachments, unlimited helpers and volunteer accounts, unlimited teams, and unlimited services.


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