2013 Holiday Gift Guide

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19641964 EARS V6-Stage
Custom in-ear monitors

Custom In-Ear Monitors have been used by professional musicians for well over a decade, but they have always been out of reach because of their extremely high price tag. 1964 EARS has set out to change that by offering premium quality IEMs at a truly affordable price. Their latest creation, the V6-Stage, is a 6-driver, triple-bore, 3-WAY custom molded earpiece. Because they offer -26db of isolation, you can expect a level sound clarity and comfort not possible with traditional ear-buds. Ear-fatigue, strained vocal cords, or upset congregation because of a loud stage can now be a thing of the past. Take your worship experience to a whole new level with a set of 1964 EARS.




Privia PX-5S

The Casio Privia PX-5S is the perfect stage piano for the worship leader. Featuring an 88-note weighted-action keyboard with a simulated ebony and ivory surface and an easy-to-use interface, you’ll love everything the PX-5S has to offer. The PX-5S is much more than a stage piano, offering an incredibly diverse range of sounds. Powered by Casio’s proprietary AiR sound engine, the factory sounds are deep, realistic, and very useable in any worship service.

As a controller the PX-5S has everything, including four assignable knobs and six assignable sliders allowing you to control four zones of sounds from the PX-5S’ incredible sound source or external MIDI devices. Weighing less than 25 pounds and remarkably affordable, the PX-5S is a dream come true. It can even run on eight AA batteries and record and playback stereo audio direct from a USB thumb drive.



Digital Audio Labs
Livemix Personal Monitoring System

Livemix is a 24 channel personal monitoring system that has been designed to be simple enough for volunteers to learn and use but deep enough to give professionals all the tools they need. Each Livemix control surface features two separate mixes with individual headphone outputs, recucing both stage clutter and per node cost.

Each mix has its own master volume and dedicated ME knob that can be assigned to any of the available channels or a group of channels for “always available” access to the functions used most frequently. The shared color touchscreen and channel select buttons make navigation simple and quick and allow for custom channel naming.

Built in stereo ambient mics allow musicians to hear the audience and team, reducing the “closed off” feeling musicians can get from in-ear monitors. Other features like MirrorMix and foot pedal for hands free volume control make Livemix a feature packed powerhouse.

$3,995 for an 8 mix system


PreSonus StudioLive
16.0.2 Digital Mixer

A large mixing console is great for the main sanctuary, but moving that behemoth is a hassle, and it’s overkill for many events. With a budget-priced PreSonus® StudioLive™ 16.0.2 digital mixer, your church could handle youth-group meetings, tent revivals, podcasts, worship-band rehearsals, and more.

The compact StudioLive 16.0.2 delivers best-in-class audio and is easy for volunteers to operate. It offers eight mono and four stereo channels, Class A mic preamps, four aux sends, MIDI, and extensive processing on virtually every input and send. Recording is simple with the built-in FireWire interface. The mixer is tightly integrated with free Capture™ 2 recording software, Studio One® DAW, VSL-AI remote-control with Smaart® audio analysis (Mac/Windows), and iPad and iPhone control software.



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