Homemade Worship by Handmade People – Rend Collective Experiment

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Author: Katie Finley

Kingsway - rendcollectiveexperiment.com

Rend Collective Experiment, a group of friends from Ireland, moved through Europe and America gaining international acclaim with their debut release, Organic Family Hymnal. Now, they are already bringing it back to their roots with their sophomore release. Recorded in Irish church halls and homes, the style is nothing short of organic and folksy, as the title of the album would suggest. RCE finds the balance between a beautifully intimate offering and a celebration parading down the streets releasing sounds you’d likely hear from bands such as Mumford & Sons and Gungor.

More: Stylistically diverse yet accessible, RCE utilizes instruments ranging from trumpets to banjos to bells, yet ties all the different styles and sounds nicely together forming one cohesive offering of worship spreading the story of redemption and God’s love.

Less: For such an inviting and melodic record, the opening track “Praise Like Fireworks” feels out of place where the production clutters up the beautiful words and sentiment.

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