How Mercy Looks From Here

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1-amygrantsAmy Grant
Sparrow Records

“Well if I can’t go, do me a favor. When you get on stage sing something that matters.” It was these insightful words from Amy Grant’s now deceased mother that set the direction for How Mercy Looks From Here, the first full-length studio album from Amy in 10 years. As mom requested, she hit the nail on the head.

With a career spanning 25 years, over 30 million records sold—a Five Time Platinum record, a Three Time Platinum record, a Two Time Platinum record, six One Time Platinum records, four Gold Records, and numerous additional honors, Amy Grant is definitely celebrated, but more she is a rare treasure in Christian music. 

Wisdom and life experience ring loud and clear in this body of work.  Think of it as the filtered conclusions from years of journal entries—transparent and intentional, with an understanding of universal brokenness healed only through the grace and mercy of the blood of Jesus.  No filler here.  These songs are the breath of her life.

More: Insightful lyrics, mellow hooks, and cameos from Vince Gill, Carole King, Sheryl Crow, and James Taylor make this a winner.

Less: This is a “coffee and front porch” sort of album.  There will be no fist pumping here.  Would have been nice to hear stronger up front vocals from iconic voices like Taylor and Crow.

4 stars
Mike Pueschell

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