I Got This (Live)

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dottie peoples1Dottie Peoples
DP Muzik Group

Award-winning gospel artist Dottie Peoples’ I Got This Live! is a collection of 13 original songs featuring Dottie at her finest: contemporary and traditional gospel music delivered with her own distinctive powerhouse vocals. Dottie has been referred to as “the gospel Patti LaBelle” and compared to Aretha Franklin and Shirley Caesar, and it’s evident why after hearing Dottie’s expansive vocal range and commanding performance. After a slow start, this album picks up momentum and hits its gospel concert stride with songs like “So Let Us Praise the Lord” and “Until Whenever,” and the foot-stomping “Back to the Old Church.” Dottie succeeds at incorporating songs from every genre of gospel music, which will be a delight to the ears of true gospel devotees.

More: Not only does Dottie’s powerful voice make this album stand out among recent gospel albums, but the top-notch band behind her provides a solid foundation for her to soar. In every song, Dottie’s love for the Lord, her passion for the Church to give all they have in worship, and the urgency for action come through loud and clear.

Less: Overall, this album hits the mark, although the middle of the album is stronger than the start and end. The choir behind Dottie also adds another layer of energy and power, although on the title track tends to sound a bit more angry than emphatic.

3 stars
Barry Westman

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