Imago Dei: Jes(us)

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Recon Records

Imago Dei: Jes(us) is a beautifully unique album, filled with distinctive music, created by diverse artists, unified by a single theme: Jesus Christ, the Incarnate, the light within. While the artists and songs included on this album are stylistically diverse, the music is simple and cohesive in its soothing feel and intimate worship setting. This prayerful worship is comprised of soft alternative rock, smooth jazz, and a smattering of folk, Broadway, Celtic, and country styles. This music resonates with a soul in need of help, hope, and a desire for a deeper relationship with Christ.

From the reverent strains of “Mary’s Song (Magnificat),” to the smooth jazz of “Let There Be Light,” the rhythmic groove of “Together Again,” and the haunting melody of “Imago Dei (Jesus is Alive),” this strikingly beautiful album will transcend the boundaries of culture, musical styles, and generations. Reach to be more Christ-like through the folk-pop duet, “Heart of Love,” and find respite in the hallowed harmonies of “Jesus, Garden of My Rest.” Imago Dei: Jes(us) offers up the opportunity to be still in the presence of the Lord.

More: Imago Dei: Je(sus) offers hope through the unified theme that Jesus Christ, God with us, shines his light through each one of his people. Visit to sample this sweet worship and download free lead sheets. These beautiful songs will work equally well with the smallest of worship teams to the fullest of worship choirs, offering a time of intimacy with Christ.

Less: The music and lyrics of Imago Dei: Je(sus) are not “catchy” in the commercial sense, but provide the opportunity for a deep, meaningful worship and prayer experience that transcends cultural, musical, and generational boundaries. 

-Amanda Furbeck
4.5 stars


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