Interview: Martin Smith


Tell us a little about your journey for the past three years. What has been driving you personally and with regards to your music?
This season for me is about going back to the start, a simple journey of rediscovering God in the everyday.  It’s been great being home more with the chance to invest in my local church more.  I didn’t have a plan to release music, but the songs kept coming and the demos turned into songs I wanted to put out there!

Tell us a little about the local church ministry at St. Peters in Brighton. What does that look like and what you are passionate about with regards to connecting to a worshiping community?
It is a brand new church plant from HTB in London. My friend Tim Hughes is the worship pastor there and he told us to get involved, which we happily did.  Engaging in that community, we developed a heart for the city of Brighton and to see it become a hub for worship and justice.

To be apart of a local community is always key, especially for creative people. To be accountable to a local church is paramount.

When you first started in worship ministry there was a real movement of the Spirit in music and church worship. What are some lessons the “you” of 20 years ago could learn from the “you” of today? And vice versa?
Ha! I would always trust God more and not run ahead so much!  Sometimes I look back and see that at times it became about the ‘band,’ about ‘Delirious’ – we wanted to be great and sometimes that got in the way.

This music movement was all about people and letting them encounter God, meeting Jesus and receiving the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Your new release, God’s Great Dance Floor, is both creatively ambitious and quite accessible/congregational. What was the goal you had in mind when you started the project, musically and with regards to its effect on the Church?
I had no goals. These are just my prayers with music put to them. I had complete freedom to write whatever and be able to let the music come naturally – no deadlines, no parameters.

I’m glad that the songs are being enjoyed by the church, and that people have words to sing that they could have written themselves. God’s Great Dance Floor is about freedom and the church learning how to dance again – the prodigal son returning for a party.

Your collaboration with Jesus Culture last year was a powerful convergence. What was your draw to be a part of that ministry experience?
It was a total God divine connection. I have huge admiration for those guys.  They are bringing something new and fresh in worship. It was an honor to play with them.

I think the record [Jesus Culture With Martin Smith:  Live From New York] came out well, certainly a God surprise in the last 3 years.

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