Interview with Jared Anderson

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Interview: Jared Anderson

After leaving a staff position at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Jared Anderson has spent the past year searching for direction for his family, music, and ministry. After a time in Nashville, he is back living in Colorado Springs where he is now a volunteer on the worship team of New Life church. His new record The Narrow Road is a reflection of things that one explores when finding their personal meaning in who they are as a follower of Christ. We had a chance to ask Jared a couple of questions about this recent journey. 

Hear The Narrow Road, here. 

What has happened in your life since the last record released?

Right after we recorded Live From My Church, my family and I stepped off the staff at New Life and moved to Nashville for a year. As I approached turning 30, I began to think about the question, “Am I in this for the long haul?” “Am I doing this because I can, or if given a different set of circumstances would I choose something else?” 

During this year away, it became so evident to me that the gospel burns in me so much deeper than any position at a church could call me to. I began to feel the leading of God to run with the message God has given me and call people to the Narrow Road of life in Christ. 

Your last record seemed to be pretty focused on songs that people could sing in a service of worship, what was the goal with the new record?

As I stepped back from leading on a weekly basis, I realized I had slipped into a pattern where Monday through Saturday had become a rehearsal for Sunday. But really, Sunday is meant to be a rehearsal for the performance of Monday through Saturday. This record is for Monday through Saturday. Obviously, its wrapped in a posture of worship but has themes of missions, prophecy, and instruction. 

As a worship songwriter how important is it to write music that crosses stylistic lines?

My prayer has been, “Lord give me prophecy more than poetry.” Things of the spirit require physical language to describe them. Things of the physical realm require spiritual language to describe them. It’s the breadth of language that helps connect heaven to earth. 

What are the elements of a good worship song?

Worship songs should express our approach to God. His highness. Our lowness. His salvation. Our redemption. A little less “I” and a lot more “we” in these songs. 

Are you ever frustrated with the creative boundaries inherent in the Christian genre?

Living in Nashville, I was able to write with some great country songwriters. I soon realized, “These guys don’t just write country, they live country.” Christian music exists because the Christian life exists. The Christian genre has fewest boundaries of any genre on earth. We as artists must never sell it short. 

Who do you see being the audience for your new record?

Pilgrims and sojourners. People with a desire for what the things of this world cannot deliver. 

What do you hope is accomplished with your music?

Expanded imaginations. I want to grow deeper and go further into the things of God. It’s an endless journey and the only way to live.

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