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You’re a veteran in the Christian music world, what is different in this album compared to your others?

This album is not as heavy on the tears as the past albums, but have more of a younger, fresher feel. 

What message(s) do you hope to convey through your songwriting?

There’s probably a sermon in each song! Each song is different, like with “All Things Possible,” I hope that people are reminded that God can take what little we give and multiply it into something great. In “One Day,” I hope it encourages people that no matter what struggles we face in life, one day we will see Jesus and we will be free from those struggled forever. There’s also a song on my album called “I Gave Up” and it talks about how loving each other and Christ well are more important than the things we have. 

How do you believe worship can be incorporated into songwriting that may not be intended for the church?

I think worship can be a full-blown worship chorus people sing at church or a story song that finds its home back in God.  With both, it comes down to where your intentions are being focused. 

You recently biked 3,500 miles across the U.S. to raise money for orphans and widows playing shows, can you tell us more about that?

Yes, I started in California and played concerts in the evenings.  It was quite the journey!  We raised money for the James Fund during the bike trip and out of the trip came the first single from this new album called “All Things Possible.” 

How did this trip change your outlook on worship, songwriting, and being a Christian?

Some of the best moments on that trip was the beauty I was seeing in each state – the sunrises, sunsets and just nature in general.  It was very worshipful and I spent a good amount of that time alone which gave me time to pray and worship on my own as I was pedaling. 

How does one come to a better understanding of God’s power and love through empathy with others?

As a youth director, I was involved in so many lives and saw God work though so many situations.  When you’re in your own life, you only see your stuff and what you’re going through. But when you take a look at others and their situations, you’re seeing God move in their lives as well. God uses situations in my life to give me a better understanding of His power through every situation we face, and in turn, allows me to have the empathy and compassion for the people He has put in my life.

How have you seen God work through your songs in order to reach others?

I get a lot of mail about songs that minister to folks and one story I heard was about a girl who would frequently have seizures. She loved the song “He Will Carry Me” so much and would sing it in her hospital room. She was so joyful that people would want to come and hear her sing it in her hospital room. I had the opportunity to meet her and her mother at a concert. We were all on my bus talking and she had a seizure.  I asked her mom if we needed to call 911 and her mom just asked me to sing “He Will Carry Me.”  As soon as I started singing the song, her seizure stopped.  It was the only thing that would stop her seizures.  That was an incredible moment for me; that God would use the song He gave me, to help this girl.

Who do you hope to reach in your newest album?

I hope this record reaches all of my fans, I am so thankful for their support through the years. I also hope that it ushers in a new generation of fans and that these songs will speak to them as well!

Visit: markschultzmusic.com

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