Invade: Third Culture Vol. II

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Third Culture—Vaughn Jr, and Irene Thompson—are back with stellar guest artists Shiela E., William McDowell and Steve Crawford, plus the Cathedral of Faith Choir on Invade, their second album and latest release. The live/studio hybrid clearly demonstrates that “independent” does not mean a reduction in production values or creative excellence. The vibe is pop, gospel, and urban soul/r&b radiating both joyful energy and worshipful reflection. A little bit Houghton-Sanchez, a little bit Andre Crouch, and Irene’s solid vocal interpretation is reminiscent of Jackie Velasquez. The album supplies listeners and leaders with plenty of get-down praise-ups, worships songs and special music. All are solid and most adaptable to any worship style or setting. The album starts out with “You Deserve” featuring the talents of Sheila E. and foreshadowing the weave of urban, gospel, and pop that infuses the album. Next the lovely “Vol 1: Flow” reprising the theme of Vol. I’s lead-in track “You Are Exalted,” with vocals shared by Thompson and William McDowell is a simple proclamation resonating with power and presence. “You Love Me Still” is testimonial and affecting choice for special music leading up to an altar call. In the same vein, “The Question” is a pop ballad that serves for both an altar call or a baptism; Irene mirrors Vaughn’s English with Spanish making it a fit for Spanish/English speaking congregations. “Immanuel” is service-ready, proclaiming the truth that God is with us, while “How Great is Your Love,” testifies of his enduring, redeeming love. The foot-tapping, hand-clapping joy of “Throwback Medley: This is the Day/There is Power” with Steve Crawford is irresistible, and the atmospheric beauty of “Faithfulness,” a change-up/remediation of the classic Chisolm/Runyan hymn “Great is thy Faithfulness” shows Third Culture’s ability to connect to an array of listeners across the generational and stylistic spectrum.

More: A variety of music across moods and styles to serve you and your service of worship. Strip down the more complex arrangement and you’ll find a song you can share. 

Less: Would appreciate lyrical content that spoke directly to the “Third Culture” view that informs Vaughn and Irene’s ministry and music.

Andrea Hunter

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    5 comments on “Invade: Third Culture Vol. II

    1. I have listened to the whole CD and I literally felt his presence through all of these songs! One gave me goosebumps, another made me cry, another made be jump, shout, and dance for joy! I love how every song sounds different and has its own special meaning! Most cd’s from artists these days, all there songs sound the same, so this is extra special! Invade took me to experience different facets of God through each song which was very humbling, hopeful, and helpful!
      I am very proud of our Pastor’s Vaughn and Irene for being obedient and standing strong through it all to put out this CD!
      I definitely recommend you go and check it out! Invade Vol 2, will take you to a new and deeper level with God in a joyful way and healing way!

    2. I have listened to the CD and it is amazing! The presence of God it is there in every single word and note of the songs. I definitely recommend this CD. Pastor’s Vaughn and Irene: Keep on singing until the whole world hears! Blessings

    3. Vaughn and Irene are phenomenal. This CD makes it possible to be completely engaged in the presence of the Holy Spirit, wherever you are and captivates even non-believers with the beauty of their music and the impact of their meaningful lyrics. This is a must have album for the ages! I’m so proud and blessed to have them as my worship pastors. Praise God for them and their gifts!

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