iSingWorship for iPhone Version 1.4 Review

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isingworshipBackground: When we reviewed iSingWorship back in September 2012, we were blown away by the ease of use and power of the simple, straightforward app that allows you to carry backing tracks and lyric projection in your back pocket.  Now with a new free update, iSingWorship is better than ever and provides even more power and flexibility for worship teams and individuals leading worship.  A little background on the app: iSingWorship is a new app for iPhone and iPad that pairs worship backing tracks with external lyric display.  The playback control allows you to change the form of the song on the fly and a mixer lets you turn on/off the acoustic guitar and adjust the vocal level in the track. 
What’s New:
-7 keys for each song.  iSingWorship uses a world-class transposition feature that allows the user to transpose up to 3 half steps up or down from the original key, insuring that both men and women have a comfortable key for their voices. 
- Capo settings and transposition settings can be stored with each arrangement you make, so you can have several versions of the song for different settings and applications. 
- New and bigger background library.  Organized into categories for easy browsing.
- Wireless support for lyric output.  No more long, awkward cables, display lyrics via Airplay to an Apple TV (not included).  This is a simple, easy to use system that utilizes the best of Apple technology!
- New, bigger variety of softer arrangements.  For churches or small groups who don’t want a big, full band, the variety of soft arrangements are perfect.  iSingWorship features multiple arrangements on most of the recently added titles in their library.  
Version 1.4 is a huge update for iSingWorship, bringing even more flexibility to the worship leader than the original and making it easier to use.  But don’t take our word for it, download the App for free at 
-Andy Toy
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