iSingWorship for iPhone

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Function: Backing tracks and lyric projection for iPhone and iPad
Price: $0.00
What’s New: iSingWorship is a new app for iPhone and iPad that pairs worship backing tracks with external lyric display in one application.  Playback is extremely flexible with the mixer section with the option to turn acoustic guitars on or off in the track, along with vocal volume control.  This gives flexibility to play with an entire track, just acoustic guitar, or even a quiet, acoustic version of a song.  iSingWorship allows the user to control the form of the song as well while the song is still playing, giving the worship leader options to repeat certain sections as they see fit.  A wide range of backgrounds is available to display behind lyrics using the video output of the iPhone.  The library of songs is always growing, with different genres, keys, and other features coming soon.  You can even request/suggest a song for iSingWorship to prepare.  This app is perfect for smaller worship teams or small groups and would be extremely helpful for kid’s worship.  To find out more about iSingWorship visit

-Andy Toy

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