Keeps On Changing

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1-Seth-CondreySeth Condrey
North Point Music

Following the directive of what we have heard from the solo artists out of North Point Church (Eddie Kirkland, Todd Fields, and Casey Darnell), Seth Condrey’s Keeps On Changing is a stunning mix of congregational music infused and made alive with songs exuding from an individual’s life-journey that is seeking after the face of God. Condrey, whose experience overseas in South America has inspired him to release both English and Spanish records of worship in the past, presents a God on the move. He is ever renewing our hearts with a dynamic grace (“Keeps On Changing”), he is ever pursuing us even when we hide (“Can’t Outrun Your Love”), he makes a way, even when there is no way (“God of the Impossible”). Running the gamut of Coldplay-esque piano driven tunes (“Oh Radiant”) to rollicking guitar power pop (“God of the Impossible”) to even a quiet lullaby that displays the kingdom of God in all its glory—meek and poor and full of faith (“Your Kingdom”), Keeps On Changing is as musically diverse as it is globally aware and theologically rich. A rare find.

More: An unexpected beauty of a worship album. This one will bless you in your personal worship as well as in a congregational setting.

Less: The guitar-driven songs are a bit of a lapse into the musical worship cliché and stick out a bit in such an elegant and original release.


Jeremy Armstrong
4.5 stars

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