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Bluetree is back with a mix of swirling guitars, signature electro/techno sonics, pulsing beats, rock meets pop (plus a DJ, drum corps, and Electrical Parade) brand of worship. But that’s not all, there are lovely sensitive ballads that burn bright, go deep, and reach high. The sound and the message is big—huge—and reflects the size of the life and message of Christ, even in its tender, quiet and gentle moments. This is so musically hooked, vocally alive, and scripturally rich, that it’s almost irresistible. With all the action behind them, every word is crystal clear. Kingdom is rife with possibilities for congregational worship (if your church rocks and is flexible with tempos). The songs were birthed in the band’s Belfast-based Church and are marked by an infusion of scriptural inspiration and declaration. This album without question exalts God as King. From the opening “Glorious Victorious”—extolling God’s saving grace and establishing that “This is God’s kingdom”—to the final track “Under My Feet,”—which could be called faith on steroids—the album celebrates the victory won for us at the cross, Christ is lifted high throughout.

More: Aaron Boyd’s clear, lilting, richly evocative, and expressive vocals plus the passionate authenticity and total commitment to songs by each musician make this an example of worship with heart, soul, and spirit. The encouragement of “You Are My Rock,” and the unfettered love, warmth, and plaintive passion of “Shine” are quiet moments worth repeating.

Less: The Disney flourishes and echoing Euro techno and bouncy pop lassoes our attention, but also occasionally distracts, rather than adds. Just a few more quiet moments would provide recovery time for those of us who have a built-in percussive limiter and besides Bluetree’s approach to ballads deserves more airtime.

4.5 stars

-Andrea Hunter

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