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1-AAAudio Adrenaline
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The flag flies once again for one of the breakthrough bands of Christian pop history.

Original bassist Will McGinniss has gathered a new supergroup of sorts, crewed by former members of Superchick and Bleach, as well as by the return of one of Christian pop’s most recognizable vocalists, dc Talk’s Kevin Max. In a move similar to fellow Talk-er Michael Tait (now helming the Newsboys), Max has taken a known organization and rebuilt it from the ground up: this is a new band, not a retread. Audio Adrenaline was always known much more for primal energy than polish, but these songs are finely crafted and well produced in a very pop-radio-friendly sort of way. To top it off, proceeds from the sales of the disk go directly to Hands & Feet Project, which provides care for Haitian orphans. A welcome return—in more ways than one—as a band with a strong pedigree delivers on their potential.

More: This is a pop band, straight up. The songs are catchy and well crafted, and there is a clearly reenergized heart behind what is happening.

Less: Again, this is a pop band. The songs are not nearly as raw as early Audio Adrenaline, so if that’s what drew you back in the day, you may have to keep looking.

-Greg Wallace



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