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Worship Leader Job Description

5 Worship pastor qualities to hone if you are looking to get hired as a worship leader.

Raising the Bar

How quality music can affect the growth of your church, even if you aren’t aware that it’s happening.

Telling the Story With Congregational Singing

Worship leading as a way to remember the promises of God that have been fulfilled.

So Your Church Is Going Multi-Site?

Here is one important decision to make first.

7 Key Characteristics of a Great Worship Leader

Being a great worship leader is so much more than just having strong vocal chops and epic guitar skills. Here are 7 characteristics to cultivate in your own life.

Serving With Passion—Be That Person

This is the definition of a team member who goes above and beyond—a holy service approach for us all to strive for. 


A Different Take on Why People Might Not Be Singing

We all know the typical reasons sited for a mute congregation, but here are 3 less-explored possibilities.

Checklist of a Remarkable Worship Leader

The surprising characteristics of a worship leader as described by a growing church.

Effective Communication

What are some practical ways we can improve our communication in our worship ministry?

A Participating Congregation

3 Ways to Lead Your church to Be More Active in Corporate Worship

Getting Your Band to Show Up On Time

How to communicate expectations and set up a culture of punctuality with a bunch of musicians.

The Invisible Band

Should we lead worship with the lights off in the sanctuary?