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The Big 5

5 important guidelines for any worship leader or worship pastor.

Playing for the Music

When our band’s musical taste gets in the way of the worship music.

The (Real) Reason Why Your Worship Team Members Don’t Practice

Plus, 6 systems that can promote great practice habits.

Thoughts on using Charts and Music Stands in Worship

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Dear Worshiper

Some thoughts on God, worship, and song requests from a worship leader to a worshiper.

The 5 Most Important Skills of a Worship Pastor

Today’s worship leader is a generalist, not a specialist. Here are 5 necessary skills to hone as you move forward in your leadership abilities.


When the Music Fades

Thoughts on leaving ministry when it’s not your choice.

How to Pastor as a Worship Leader

4 clear directives to guide you in your pastoral role as a musician.

The Triage Method of Rehearsal Management

When you are short on time, here is a method to make sure you don't miss the essentials in a rehearsal.

When to Forget

Tearing down communicational idols in worship.

Battling Discouragement as a Worship Leader

Ministry isn’t always easy. Here are some things to remember when you are feeling overwhelmed and discouraged in your call.

The Worship Leader Paradox

How do we evaluate ourselves as worship leaders not worship performers?