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Three Steps to Start Engaging Your Congregation

Good leaders meet people where they are; here are the starting points to connecting with the people you lead in worship.

Follow the Leader

6 lessons about leading worship based on leading a motorcade.


Living the Messy Dream

A case for a wildly imperfect, emotional, sometimes stinky work in progress that leading worship can be.

10 Things Worship Leaders Would Like Their Church to Know About Worship Leading

Here is some language to help you explain some of the difficulties you might be facing with your team or leadership.

The Singing Church

Understanding your congregation as a choir of voices singing out melodies to their creator.

Why Play Secular Songs in Worship?

Here are 3 reasons to dip into the waters of the mainstream for your possible song selection this weekend.


Handling Criticism

When worship critics arise, how will you respond? Here are some biblically founded options.

Reaching the Millennials

What churches filled with 20 year olds have in common.

Are Selfies Dangerous … for Worship?

Our congregations are filled with people who are fully loved but constantly searching for more. Here are thoughts on how the selfie mentality affects worship.

The Worship Swing-vote Principle, Part 2

More thoughts on leading the all-important 60 percent of your congregation: the undecideds.

The Worship Swing-vote Principle

How the undecideds in our worship services make the biggest difference in defining the dynamics of a worshiping congregation.

Conditional Worship

Do you or your congregation put conditions on what will get you to worship? Here are thoughts on how to offer God worship, not our conditions on when he deserves our praise.