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Job Searching

Worship Leader Job Description

5 Worship pastor qualities to hone if you are looking to get hired as a worship leader.

Checklist of a Remarkable Worship Leader

The surprising characteristics of a worship leader as described by a growing church.


The 5 Most Important Skills of a Worship Pastor

Today’s worship leader is a generalist, not a specialist. Here are 5 necessary skills to hone as you move forward in your leadership abilities.

When the Music Fades

Thoughts on leaving ministry when it’s not your choice.

A Career Servant

5 ways to submit to God and others as you lead the worship of your congregation.


The Workweek of a Worship Leader

Here is a 7-day template for your worship leading workweek, designed for efficiency and purpose.

Looking for a Job?

10 Tips to Getting Hired as a Worship Leader

How Do You Know When You’re Called To Lead Worship?

7 thoughts on answering the call to lead others in worship.

 Paying Your Part-time Worship Leader

Some thoughts on compensation for your worship-leading volunteers.

When the Worship Leader Has No One to Lead

Are you called to lead worship but currently have no place to minister? Take this three-step course to begin leading, today. No matter where you are.  

Discovering God’s Will for Your Life

5 key factors found in God's Word that contribute to your discovery of God’s will for your life.