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Telling the Story With Congregational Singing

Worship leading as a way to remember the promises of God that have been fulfilled.

A Different Take on Why People Might Not Be Singing

We all know the typical reasons sited for a mute congregation, but here are 3 less-explored possibilities.


A Participating Congregation

3 Ways to Lead Your church to Be More Active in Corporate Worship

The Invisible Band

Should we lead worship with the lights off in the sanctuary?

Our Welcoming Words

Three keys to directly addressing and welcoming nonbelievers or visitors.

10 Things I Did Not Do that Improved My Congregation’s Singing

How to keep your congregation singing by avoiding these 10 common mistakes.


Teaching A New Song To Your Congregation

How to boldly step out and help your congregation worship the first time you lead a new song.

5 Ways to Help People Hear From God in Worship

It’s important for worship leaders to provide room—and time—for the people to hear from God as well as speak to him. Here are some ways to do it.

Three Ways to Engage Your Congregation in Deeper Worship

And Why You Should Be Doing Them Every Week!

Congregational Singing Lessons

If your church doesn’t sing it’s probably because of one of two things: ...

Worship Leading: What Really Is Our Purpose?

Asking the most important question a worship leader could ask him or herself.

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Finding the right musical key for small church worship