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3 Additional Questions About Congregational Engagement in Worship

Take a look at some worship imperatives … and discuss whether they are all that important.

6 Ways to Improve Lyric Memorization

Following up on last week’s memorization article, here are specifics on how to improve memorization.


Help! My Congregation Won’t Sing

4 keys to encourage singing in a group setting.

6 Reasons to Improve Song Lyric Memorization

Six reasons memorization will make you a better worship pastor.

The Singing Church (Part 3)

In the third part of this series, find out a few ways to make songs more singable for your congregation.

The Singing Church, Pt 2

Learning from Tommy Walker, here is why teaching singing rather than simply modeling it can change your church’s singing culture.


We Are the Most Creative People on the Planet

 Building A Culture Of Creativity

Three Steps to Start Engaging Your Congregation

Good leaders meet people where they are; here are the starting points to connecting with the people you lead in worship.

Follow the Leader

6 lessons about leading worship based on leading a motorcade.

We’re All on the Worship Team

Is intimidation a factor at your church? Read more on a common problem that inhibits the worship of our congregations.

The Singing Church

Understanding your congregation as a choir of voices singing out melodies to their creator.

Worship and the Word

Does your worship help people engage with God in meaningful, creative, transformative ways?