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Effective Communication

What are some practical ways we can improve our communication in our worship ministry?

Puzzled Worship Planning

Are your services planned through the power of the Holy Spirit? Or are they pieced together in what has worked before?


The Worship Leader Paradox

How do we evaluate ourselves as worship leaders not worship performers?

Planned Spontaneous Singing

Practicing how to include non-practiced elements in our worship leadership.

11 Stages of Preparation

Here’s a checklist for preparing for your teams on new songs.

The Workweek of a Worship Leader

Here is a 7-day template for your worship leading workweek, designed for efficiency and purpose.


Last Night’s Rehearsal

A quick glimpse at one leader’s rehearsal and why the effort is worth the work.

Considering a Saturday Night Service?

Three factors to think about if you are planning on adding another worship service.

Organization and Planning for the Creative Mind

How to take the jumbled messes of our minds and make them into something cohesive for the people on our teams.

Worship Leading Vision

Ideas and suggestions for leading a worship ministry with a clear vision.

The Five Connections

Ask yourself these 5 questions as you plan your worship set to prepare on all levels.

Improve Your Ministry Using These Worship Resource Websites

Worship Leader’s list of favorite online resources all in one place!