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How to communicate expectations and set up a culture of punctuality with a bunch of musicians.

10 Recommendations for Your Next Rehearsal

How to prepare rehearsals that motivate teams and revolutionize ministries.


Excellence in Worship

What does it mean for everyone on the team to lead high-quality worship?

The (Real) Reason Why Your Worship Team Members Don’t Practice

Plus, 6 systems that can promote great practice habits.

The Triage Method of Rehearsal Management

When you are short on time, here is a method to make sure you don't miss the essentials in a rehearsal.

Dealing With Attitude Problems

Bad attitudes are the nemesis of every ministry. Here are some suggestions on dealing with them in your ministry.


On-Stage Team Communication While Leading Worship

Good stage communication pre-empts a multitude of mistakes. Here are some good practices.

Planned Spontaneous Singing

Practicing how to include non-practiced elements in our worship leadership.

Last Night’s Rehearsal

A quick glimpse at one leader’s rehearsal and why the effort is worth the work.

Are You Bored With Your Rehearsals?

20 ideas on how to keep your rehearsals fresh and the musical standards high.

Should Church Musicians Be Paid?

The ups and downs of paying the musicians on a worship team.

Shepherding Your Worship Team

4 practices to help your team be better prepared for a worship service.