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Song Selecting

Congregational Singing Lessons

If your church doesn’t sing it’s probably because of one of two things: ...

Out With the New, in With the Old?

How do we preserve the universal language of common songs in a culture that seems to be obsessed with what is new?


Look What the Lord Has Done!

A report from this past Greg Laurie’s Harvest America plus the worship leader setlists from Chris Tomlin and more.

Improve Your Ministry Using These Worship Resource Websites

Worship Leader’s list of favorite online resources all in one place!

Is Your Ministry Based on Personal Preference?

5 ways to navigate towards truth in the face of personal opinions and desires.

Why Play Secular Songs in Worship?

Here are 3 reasons to dip into the waters of the mainstream for your possible song selection this weekend.


Big Songs in the Small Church

7 keys to adding new songs to keep our small church repertoire fresh.

The Bin System for Your Setlist

Using a classic system to keep your song rotation fresh.

Selecting Songs With the Congregation in Mind

Leading worship is done in partnership with a community; here are some things to keep in mind when choosing songs.

Good Math

Your congregation might want to sing, but sometimes the math doesn't add up.

What Stops Us From Singing?

Lessons from a self-proclaimed music snob on why his snobbery sometimes keeps him from engaging in worship.

5 Reasons NOT to play it like the CD

There are 5 good reasons to lead worship that is unique to you.