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Spiritual Formation

The Humility Confidence Connection

How worship leaders can lead with confidence as well as serve with humility?

Happy New Year!

Creating resolutions that ring true to the gospel.


Battling Discouragement as a Worship Leader

Ministry isn’t always easy. Here are some things to remember when you are feeling overwhelmed and discouraged in your call.

Discipleship as Music Ministry Foundation

What does discipleship look like for worship leaders and why is it important?

4 Ways We Get Worship Wrong and Completely Miss God

Sometimes, without even realizing it.

Glory or Servanthood?

How should a follower of Jesus lead others?


Down With Consumer-Driven Worship!

The world tells us to constantly please ourselves, but how is this mentality harming our services of worship?

Reaching Up and Reaching Out With Music

God has given us music, and it is put to its highest use and purpose when it is used to build his kingdom.

Finding the Courage to Lead Well (Even When It’s Really Tough!)

5 ways to stay in a place of spiritual strength when difficult times arise.

How Do You Know When You’re Called To Lead Worship?

7 thoughts on answering the call to lead others in worship.

The Rest Will Come

Feeling burned out? Here’s some encouragement for worn out worship leaders.

Side Ponytails, Fat Babies, and Amy Grant

How making personal worship and devotion a priority can take the pressure off the church leadership team.