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Spiritual Formation


For some, fear goes hand-in-hand with leading worship. But fear is not from God. Here are steps to help you lead despite fear.

What Stops Us From Singing?

Lessons from a self-proclaimed music snob on why his snobbery sometimes keeps him from engaging in worship.


An Appetite for More of God

Understanding and feeding our spiritual hunger in order to find the ultimate source for life.

A Case for Dynamic Worship: Connected

Discover the all-important aspect of dynamic worship that occurs when all the right connections are made (part 2 in a series).

Dust Motes

This simple allegory helped one worship leader remember her only Audience.

Staying Healthy Emotionally and Spiritually

Effective worship ministry is a challenge that few people, other than worship leaders themselves, completely understand.


Hearing God Speak

Darlene Zschech will be joining us as a general session speaker at NWLC, KS. She is also a regular contributor to Worship Leader magazine. Here are her thoughts on hearing Good.

21 Books for Busy Worship Leaders

Beef up your reading wish list with this rundown of great books for worship leaders.

Worship Diagnosis: Historical Amnesia

Does your worship suffer from memory loss? Ensure your worship is filled with the remembrance of God’s saving deeds throughout history.

Worship Rock Stars

What's wrong with being a worship rock star?

Is Your Worship at War?

The differences of individuals in our churches have the ability to take our attention away from God. So what’s the solution?

10 Ways to Encourage Your Worship Leader

Worship leaders are a unique blend of musical artistry and pastoral care. Here are suggestions of best showering them with gestures of love and encouragement.