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Serving With Passion—Be That Person

This is the definition of a team member who goes above and beyond—a holy service approach for us all to strive for. 

Getting Your Band to Show Up On Time

How to communicate expectations and set up a culture of punctuality with a bunch of musicians.


Graciously Giving and Receiving a “No”

Telling someone they are not right for the worship team is a challenge; here are some thoughts on the process.

Excellence in Worship

What does it mean for everyone on the team to lead high-quality worship?

Release the Poets!

10 tips to starting a worship arts mentoring group.

The Big 5

5 important guidelines for any worship leader or worship pastor.


Playing for the Music

When our band’s musical taste gets in the way of the worship music.

The (Real) Reason Why Your Worship Team Members Don’t Practice

Plus, 6 systems that can promote great practice habits.

Thoughts on using Charts and Music Stands in Worship

Is this discussion dividing hearts and minds in your ministry? Join the conversation.

The Triage Method of Rehearsal Management

When you are short on time, here is a method to make sure you don't miss the essentials in a rehearsal.

Dealing With Attitude Problems

Bad attitudes are the nemesis of every ministry. Here are some suggestions on dealing with them in your ministry.

What Ranking Systems Exist in Your Church?

Thought popularity was only a high school issue? Think again. Explore hierarchy and worship status symbols that exist in nearly every church.