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Worship Pastor

Battling Discouragement as a Worship Leader

Ministry isn’t always easy. Here are some things to remember when you are feeling overwhelmed and discouraged in your call.

The Worship Pastor as Caregiver

3 ways in which worship addresses the pain of our human experience.


What Ranking Systems Exist in Your Church?

Thought popularity was only a high school issue? Think again. Explore hierarchy and worship status symbols that exist in nearly every church.

Worship Leaders, You Have One Job

It is easy to get overwhelmed by our task lists, but here is a commission to get back to our “one job.”

Don’t Give Up

10 characteristics of a healthy, long-term worship leader.

Glory or Servanthood?

How should a follower of Jesus lead others?


Praying Out Loud 101

The Guide to Praying in Public I Always Wished I’d Had

A Career Servant

5 ways to submit to God and others as you lead the worship of your congregation.

What Do You Really Need to Lead?

Hint: It might be less than you think!

The 10 Agreements

How do you lead, grow, and manage a group of people who disagree?

The Singing Pastor

Graham Kendrick gives us a vision for becoming far more than a song leader.

Worship Boss, Organizer, or Leader?

3 personality caricatures that can help us better lead people … not just boss them around.