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Worship Pastor

Worship Leading Vision

Ideas and suggestions for leading a worship ministry with a clear vision.

7 Characteristics of a Seasoned Worship Leader

Looking to get to the next level as a worship leader? Here are some personal qualities to work on.


We Are the Most Creative People on the Planet

 Building A Culture Of Creativity

Look What the Lord Has Done!

A report from this past Greg Laurie’s Harvest America plus the worship leader setlists from Chris Tomlin and more.

Don’t Leave Your Comfort Zone!

A different look at how to stretch yourself as you follow Christ wherever he leads you.

Your Words Matter

Here are 3 places to be more intentional about the words you use from the platform and in your everyday life.


Worship Leader for Hire?

Here are a have set questions to ask prospective hires when you are looking for a new worship leader.

Living the Messy Dream

A case for a wildly imperfect, emotional, sometimes stinky work in progress that leading worship can be.

Leading Worship as a Pastoral Musician

To be a pastoral musician is about overseeing the flock of God in worship. Discover a deeper definition to what you do as a worship leader.

Worship and the Word

Does your worship help people engage with God in meaningful, creative, transformative ways?

Are Selfies Dangerous … for Worship?

Our congregations are filled with people who are fully loved but constantly searching for more. Here are thoughts on how the selfie mentality affects worship.

If I Only Knew …

5 leading-lessons from the oldest person on the worship team to the youngest, and everyone in between.