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Worship Pastor

Annual Review

A guide for holding yourself accountable for the work that you do on a weekly basis.

Releasing Creativity: The 4 Es

Tim Hughes shares 4 steps that will help you discover more creativity in your ministry.


Simplifying Your Calls to Worship

Helping your congregation walk into a worship space that is different from their experience in the rest of the world.

Being Above Reproach

In the midst of a spiritual battle for your worship ministry, here are 7 guidelines to help make sure you are being above reproach.

Loving People

Too often we are ministers of music rather than ministers of people. Here’s how to make sure your true ministry stays in tune with God’s song.

Effective Music Ministry Starts with Relationship

The most critical aspect of ministry is found in interacting with others; here is how to improve your relationships for a more thriving ministry.


Learn From My Mistakes

4 mistakes worship leaders tend to make and how to remedy them for a more vibrant ministry.

Beyond Comfort

10 Principles of congregational worship that reaches up and out.

Keeping the Passion

Long-term ministry is the goal, but often we lose our zeal along the way. Here are 3 values essential for vibrant long-term worship ministry.

A Case for Dynamic Worship: Surrounded

The absolute necessity for prayer to surround our services of worship.

Love & Love God

What does it mean to love your congregation? How does that affect how you lead from the platform?

Kids Are Cute, but God Is Great!

The one thing we must teach children’s choir members and carolers.