Lifted High

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Andy Needham Band
IJP Productions 

“We understand worship as a living reality, not a segment of a Sunday service,” Needham states. “Worship is seeing and being awakened to God as great, glorious, and at the same time gracious and intimate. It is how we live in abundance and heartache. These songs are prayers of worshippers and for worshipers to connect and call on God.” Helping others connect and call on God is the Andy Needham Band’s passion, and it shows in their national debut album, Lifted High. With a modern twist on adult contemporary pop, this music is sure to grasp the hearts and voices of worshiping congregations. “Open Arms” brings fresh, new ways of sharing God’s unchanging love through light, bouncy music, and the beautiful acoustic guitars add substance and focus in “Christ Alone.” Power chords and rock guitars bring the power of Jesus’ resurrection to the forefront in the opening song, “No Love Song.” Overall, themes of love, hope, and grace pervade this musically and vocally accessible worship album. The Andy Needham Band shares their passion for worship and biblical teaching alongside music skills and inspiration at their Simply Worship Conferences several times each year. 

More: Lifted High provides fresh worship lyrics and likeable, singable music with a big dose of passion for helping others connect with God.

Less: While this CD makes use of some pretty and interesting production features, it could benefit from a boost in the bass range, especially for a live worship setting. 

Amanda Furbeck

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