Lights of Distant Cities

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Bebo Norman
BEC Recordings 

Bebo Norman is certainly not a newcomer to these pages or to the Christian music scene overall—Lights of Distant Cities is his 12th record since he began recording music in 1996. With his unmistakably buttery voice Norman has a solid track record of delivering beautifully complex and honest stories from the journey of life. Yet, this album brings fresh perspective. He deftly covers the things we often hold so dear and relentlessly hang on to—the same things God wants us to loosen our hold on, so he can reshape and remold our lives. Often how we view ourselves is our biggest obstacle in the way of us seeing who we are in the light of God’s grace. Norman grapples with this and more in songs like “At the End of Me” and “Daylight Breaking.” This album is excellently produced and written. The stories will bring you to tears as you enter into these emotional and heartfelt anthems. As far as use in a service of worship, just about any track would work well to drive home a sermon point or as a theme song for a series.

More: An absolute recommend for personal devotion, Lights reminds us that Norman is masterful at using the medium of music to draw your attention toward honoring and glorifying God in everyday moments.

Less: This album is not specifically geared to corporate worship but can, and should, be incorporated in creative ways.

4.5 Stars
Jay Akins
WL Pick

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