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Planetshakers are back to disturb the molecules and engender seismic activity, with prayer, proclamation, adoration and unbridled worship and praise. With Synth-based dance and pop, guitar and piano propelled modern rock, even a little r&j (rhythm and joy: no blues here), Limitless encompasses a range of genres, moods, tempos, and dynamic range—within and between songs. Because the recording is live, there is sometimes a slightly filtered/dulled quality to some vocals, but this is more than made up for by the palpable excitement and energy that is also part of the package.

Bookended by percussive beat-heavy danceable praise-a-thons, “Let Praise Awaken” and “Rise Up” Planetshakers embody their name perfectly with a joyful shout out. But they also offer up gentle God-centered love songs (“This One Thing”), and heartfelt prayers (“Rain”). Planetshakers is both a band and a youth movement and these are a perfect fit for youth-oriented services. Yet a number of these songs cross generations with their Scripture-based lyrics and may be arranged to fit a variety of stylistic needs.

The title track is a pop-rocky Peter Furler-esquese/Newsboys sounding declaration of God’s limitless power and ability, sprinkled with some heavy metal/rap flourishes. “Your Name Brings Healing to Me’ is a beautiful must-sing power ballad about freedom in Christ; and a new version of their oft covered “Anthem” is the ideal Easter Song, declaring what Jesus Christ has done for us and who he is. There is an energetic fusion of styles —pop, rock, and gospel—on“I’m Gonna Praise,” while “O My Heart Sings” is a lovely song of Thanksgiving and praise that could be sung in any church setting. The latter nicely demonstrates an ability to lace poetry with Scripture. And that’s just the beginning of this 13 track sonic extravaganza.

More: The ability to exude limitless energy and then change it up to deliver tender and heartfelt ballads, never losing a jot of authenticity or presence is an art. Appreciate their ability not to get stuck in a stylistic rut.

Less: A little more attention to lyrical content would take these already passionately memorable songs to the next level.

4.5 Stars
Andrea Hunter


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