Line6 Mobile Keys Review

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Line6 Mobile Keys Review

Function: Portable USB MIDI controller

Price: $199.00

The Line6 mobile keys is the first MIDI controller to be compatible on three platforms, Mac, PC, and Iphone/Ipad.  Designed for simplicity and portability, the mobilekeys comes in 2 models, a 25 and 49 key MIDI controller with sustain and expression inputs, octave up and down keys, volume and pan knobs, and pitch and mod wheels.  The keyboard feels incredible for a MIDI controller of its size and weight, and each key is completely velocity sensitive with selectable velocity curves for personal customization.  As well as standard USB connectivity, the mobilekeys includes a special jack for the 30 pin connection on the iphone and ipad.  Mobilekeys is set up to work seamlessly with the Apple’s Garageband app, Music Studio 2.0 app, and countless other apps.  The mobilekeys makes a perfect MIDI keyboard for cross platform functionality at a great price. 

-Andy Toy

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