Love Come To Life

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Big Daddy Weave
Fervent Records/Word

It has been three years since we have heard from the brothers Weaver and their band Big Daddy Weave. It was worth the wait. Their newest release, Love Come to Life, continues to solidify the sound that has made them one of Christian music’s most sought after and respected groups. The album features music for rolling down the car window and turning up the volume, or rolling up your sleeves and bringing your church into God’s presence.

 As you listen to Love Come to Life, it is easy to see Big Daddy Weave garners their lyrical content from life experiences. With each track you’re swept into the incredible awe of our God who works through the everyday situations of our lives to bring us to maturity. Contemplative and celebratory, Love Come to Life reminds you that there are others who share this walk of trial and blessing, with its unexpected range of emotions, and unforeseen circumstances.

 More: Demonstrative lyrics from a band and family with a prodigious musical background combine to deliver a great modern worship album, including a little banjo added in for good measure.

 Less: Big Daddy Weave is at their best when a full complement of instrumental types and colors is displayed. There seems to be a slight imbalance, with the weight bending towards synth and piano leads.

4.5 Stars 
–Randy Cross



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