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Hawk Nelson1Hawk Nelson
Fair Trade

A new front man, a new record label, and a subtly updated sound set the tone for Hawk Nelson’s Made, the latest from the established pop-rockers. Longtime guitarist Jonathan Steingard takes the lead vocals role as previous point man Jason Dunn steps down to pursue a solo career. “We’re still that high energy band that a church or youth group would book if they want to have a fun youth night,” says Steingard.  True words; though there’s a noticeable ratcheting back on the punk sound—albeit a likely palatable and welcome change for Hawk Nelson’s maturing fan base.

More: Solid anthems of declaration steeped in sound theology-mostly. The new lead vocals have taken the band in a solid new direction-freshness that looks good on Hawk. 

Less: Let’s face it; this is a solid release from the new face of Hawk Nelson. But it’s not the old Hawk Nelson. Dunn’s gravely edge and energy are clearly not in the mix. 

4 stars
Mike Pueschell


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