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Kari Jobe - KariJobe_Majestic_CoverKari Jobe

Kari Jobe has led multiple times at Worship Leader’s National Worship Leader Conference, and whether leading in front of a full band or sitting next to a simple box drum and acoustic guitar, the congregation of attendees walk away with a similar word on their lips, “anointed.” She has the rare ability to use her grace and skill and attention to the Spirit to point hearts towards intimacy with the only one who is always seeking us—our great God. Which is one reason that going with a live recording was the absolute right move for her. With Majestic, Jobe fully embraces her role as worship leader stepping slightly away from the radio success she has seen to deliver worship anthems that eschew the three-and-a-half minute formula to simply revel in the presence of the Holy Spirit. So for worship leaders, this is welcome news. Including co-writes with other likeminded artists such as Paul Baloche, Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Reuben Morgan, Brian Johnson, Jason Ingram, and others means Majestic, from conception to fabrication, was designed with worship in mind. 

What was lost in the translation was a bit of her recording artist uniqueness. Majestic sounds similar to many of the big live recordings of the aforementioned co-writers (along with Jesus Culture etc.). That said; it is hardly a flaw. Majestic is as good as live worship recordings get: beautiful congregation-friendly songs set to swaths of sound and stirring spontaneous moments of prayer and praise. Of course all supported by Jobe’s completely disarming and elegant vocals.

Refreshingly Jobe opens the experience with an appropriate call to worship, “Hands to the Heavens.” It has a Trinitarian understanding as well as an awareness of the beauty of the closeness of God’s presence when his people sing in worship. Then in perfect time for Easter, “Forever” is a powerfully affecting Scripture song that pours truth out with every word, and the music swells in a perfect match of emotion-to-profound-truth when it declares, “Now death where is your sting? Our resurrected king has rendered you defeated, forever he is glorified, forever he is lifted high!” Helping us sing the story in our hearts with a unified voice, this song is the victory song of the year.

Recorded live at the historic Majestic Theatre (how apropos) in her hometown of Dallas, Texas, Majestic is at once overwhelming and intimate; it creates space for the Spirit to dwell and it fills all the sonic landscape with music that supports the prayers of the people. This is easily Kari Jobe’s best release, raising her level of artistry to a higher plane.

Most Singable: “Hands to the Heavens”

Strongest Biblical Content: “I Am Not Alone,” (Ps 23; Deut 31:8)

The Whole Package: “Forever”


Jeremy Armstrong
4.5 Stars


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