Make Some Noise

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“Celebrate life. Celebrate what God has given you.” That’s the foundation, according to Salvador’s co-founder and lead singer, Nic Gonzales, for the latest offering from the Austin, Texas, veterans. The band throws it back using the music of Earth, Wind & Fire and Stevie Wonder as touchstones for the glow and funk that made the best dance music of the ’70s and early ’80s. Make Some Noise brandishes a message of hope wrapped in music that moves, thanks to two key ingredients, both organic in nature: groove and horns. These guys take Latin funk to new heights while their chops enable seamless moves into rock, soul, and pop. Horns and rhythm combine for an explosive punch. Listen to “Better Man,” “God of Forever,” and “Este Corito.”

More: Consistently, Salvador displays musical prowess a cut above the rest in nearly any genre—this album is no different.

Less: The cover of Winwood’s “Higher Love,” while spot on to the original, is just that—a note for note nod. These guys are too good for that. Winwood’s cut was exceptional, but let’s hear some Salvador “Funkadelic” flavor on that gem. Deeper cuts reveal some cliché and status quo pop.

4 stars
Mike Pueschell


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