Measure of Love

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Misty Edwards and David Brymer

A captivating foray into the mystical world of modern monasticism, Measure of Love, by Misty Edwards and David Brymer, emerged from the International House of Prayer, Kansas City. At IHOP-KC, where worship leaders are both fulltime missionaries and intercessors, the worship and prayer never ceases. Misty Edwards, senior leader at IHOP-KC, along with David Brymer, director of worship and the arts at Pasadena IHOP, are singer/songwriters on this haunting, poignant, and reflective project. Well-suited for a time of personal devotion or solemn mediation, the music is minimalistic and repetitive, surreal yet soothing. Minimal instrumentation includes beautiful cello, light guitar, delicate piano overtones, and light percussion. The male and female vocals are clear and distinct, melodically intricate, with lyrics that speak of humankind’s response to the great love of Jesus Christ. Four simple tracks include “Measure of a Man,” “Above the Sun,” “Lord I Want You,” and “The Harlot,” a live and spontaneous flow of music recorded in the prayer room.

 More: Measure of Love flings open the door to a genre of music rooted in the mystical side of modern Christian music. Born out of 24/7 worship and prayer, Measure of Love is captivatingly beautiful, simple, and meditative.

Less: The live creative process of this music would lose momentum in the act of recreating it for a worship service. Enjoy this moving music as it was recorded: born in the prayer room, live and spontaneous, created for mediation and prayer.

4.5 stars

–Amanda Furbeck

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