Messy Church

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Ross Parsley
David C. Cook

Church is almost always messy … and it should be according to Pastor Ross Parsley in his book Messy Church. Parsley shares his vision that the church should operate like a family, relating the love, hurt, miracles, and mistakes of his church to his family dynamic. Speaking out against the consumer mindset of many church shoppers, Parsley urges people to see the church as “first and foremost a spiritual family and not a corporation or nonprofit organization.” If the church family is built on love, acceptance, care, and gentle discipline, then the church will grow together as a body of real, authentic people living as God intended. Communicating with raw honesty and conviction, Ross Parsley shares his own messy church story of his time as the interim senior pastor at New Life Church in Colorado Springs and God’s healing power to heal and restore his church family. In an age where it seems everyone is looking for the perfect church experience, Messy Church is a great resource and encouragement for both young pastors starting churches and seasoned leaders who have pastored their church family for many years.

 –Andy Toy

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