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Third Day
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Immediately compelling, instantly contagious, and incredibly consolatory, is Miracle, the newest contribution to Third Day’s growing compendium of Christian Southern Rock at its finest. For 2 decades, Tai Anderson (bass), David Carr (drums), Mark Lee (guitars), and Mac Powell (vocals), have fused spirit-enhanced lyrics with Georgia laced instrumentals and vocals to form one of this generation’s most beloved Christian bands.

 “Well, no matter who you are and no matter what you’ve done there will come a time when you can’t make it on your own. And in your hour of desperation know you’re not the only one prayin’, Lord above, I need a miracle.” This is the chorus from the debut single, “I Need A Miracle.” It is a perfect example of what Third Day achieves time and again as they drive down their musical storytelling road. Miracle demonstrates how Third Day has achieved the Dove and Grammy nominations as well as the multitude of fans all over the world. They continue to make music that relates to the innermost parts of the listener’s soul. 

From the moment you hear “Hit Me Like a Bomb” until the lilting refrains of “Morning Has Broken,” you sense slight alterations to the normal ear candy from the venerable Georgian outfit. To accomplish these subtle differences, Third Day collaborated with veteran Rock producer Brendan O’Brien. Using his skills as a mixer and producer, as well as playing or singing on most of the tracks, O’Brien has provided a conscious effort to showcase Third Day’s trademark sound with nuances that create the intense desire to rewind and make sure you heard what you thought you just heard on a Third Day record.

Miracle is a treasury best enjoyed cover-to-cover as it explores the very heights and depths of the human experience. From the exuberance of the joy of our salvation to the depression at the bottom of our desperation, we are continually reminded that we are not alone in our heartache or our delight.

More: Diehard fans of Third Day as well as casual listeners will find an immediate attachment to Miracle. The identifiable sound is enhanced by twists and turns that make you want to listen again and again.

Less: Miracle sees Third Day stretching its creative muscles. While it is nice to hear Mac Powell singing more falsetto than on previous albums, it doesn’t necessarily play into his strength as a bluesman. 

4 stars
Randy Cross

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